About Nikki Berry

IMG_2498Welcome my creative life.

This my collection of sugarcoated joy!  Sugar is my love language and I want to help people create wonderment for their loved ones.  For more than a decade I have dabbled in sugar art.   My first projects were for my children & family, then friends and then friends of friends and so on.   I created a blog (turning my name into a palindrome  for the title) to showcase my parties & projects and then an etsy shop at the request of my blog readers asking for the products I featured in my posts.  My etsy shop Nikkiikkin  has been quite successful since 2013 and Im proud to be commended many times for my beautiful products,  quality packing and shipping and my excellent customer service.

While I have to admit, I don’t blog at www.nikkiikkin.com anymore, its still a great resource for fun party ideas and I keep the site live as an archive of my past work.

Thanks to wonderful referrals (& instagram), my local NYC clients now keep me very busy with cakes, cookies and dessert tables.  Im still just a one woman show but I have grown so much over the years!  What began as a part time, home based bakery has developed into a full fledge business in shared commercial kitchen space in Brooklyn’s Industry City.  While I intend to continue to focus on dreamy cakes full of whimsy that delight the the child in all of us, I am now able to take commissions for cakes at venues that required licensing and insurance (I got it!)and sell direct at markets around NYC.


If you’d like to follow along in my current projects I am active in social media!   My Instagram account:  @nikkiikkinbklyn is full of pretty posts daily of my projects and life in NYC.


Please visit my contact section to fill out a request form for your next event.  I may also be contacted at heysugar@nikkiikkin.com




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